Tactile Learning

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Our History

The vision for Tactile Learning was born in early 2000 when Gordon Kelly (Founding Director) visited a community initiative in Los Angeles called the Dream Centre. Gordon was inspired by the people at the Dream Centre who used their skills to help give those in need opportunities. In returning to Australia Gordon decided that through training he could use the skills he had to give opportunity to those who needed it most. The training was to be a Tactile experience involving hands-on learning coupled with support and mentoring.

Fast-track 20 years and we have not drifted from our original vision. Our team continues to grow with people with skills and passions which align with ours. As we train more and more students each year our focus on the individual student experience only increases.

Our Values

We only have one core value here, and that is PEOPLE.


We believe that every person on the planet has value, and should have the opportunity to dream, grow, and thrive. And this is our hope for our staff, our school & industry partners and most importantly every one of our students.



Our vision is for every high school student in QLD to have access to our practical, inspiring, and supported training, to enable them to reach their personal and career goals.


Tactile Learning provides adaptable training solutions to high schools in QLD. Our training is delivered by industry professionals who are both passionate about inspiring the next generation and the skills of their trade. We pride ourselves in knowing all our students by name and supporting each one to achieve their personal goals throughout their training.