Industry Coach

Beth is our dedicated Automotive Industry Coach at Tactile Learning, responsible for guiding students through automotive-related coursework and mentoring them to achieve their highest potential in work readiness.

A skilled Light Vehicle Mechanic whose dedication to the automotive industry and commitment to nurturing the talents of emerging professionals make her an invaluable asset to the Tactile team.

Beth’s journey in the world of trade has equipped her with invaluable experience. Her career has encompassed a wide array of trade jobs, ranging from painting and plastering to even spending six months as a KP in a bustling underground café in London. However, it was the automotive sector that truly captured Beth’s heart. Drawn by the hands-on nature of the field and the endless opportunities for personal skill growth and knowledge expansion, Beth pursued a path that eventually led her to become a certified Light Vehicle Mechanic.

With an impressive background that includes four years of hands-on experience within a Mitsubishi dealership, Beth has honed her craft in diagnosing and repairing vehicles to perfection. Her expertise extends further to conducting wheel alignments and mastering all aspects of fitting and balancing tires on a wide range of vehicle types, gained through additional experience at Jax.

Beth embarked on her journey as a Coach with Tactile in September 2023, driven by her deep passion for the industry and her desire to share her wealth of knowledge with budding automotive enthusiasts. Throughout her career, Beth has always taken immense pride in engaging with apprentices and fostering an environment conducive to personal development.

What drew Beth to Tactile was the opportunity to connect with and support students who share her enthusiasm for the automotive industry. For Beth, the prospect of making a positive difference in someone else’s day is the driving force that gets her out of bed each morning.

Reflecting on her transition from the automotive industry to training, Beth emphasizes her love for the camaraderie built within a workshop environment. She relishes the opportunity to share her experiences, provide students with hands-on, accessible training, and create a positive and supportive learning atmosphere.

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