Tom Gilliland is the Training Manager at Tactile Learning, responsible for overseeing various classes, providing support to trainers, and maintaining strong connections with partner schools.

With a diverse professional background, Tom started his career in cleaning at Roadshow Theme Parks before venturing into the Linen industry. Eventually, he transitioned to become an external provider in high schools, delivering life skill programs and managing facilitators.

Tom’s journey into this industry was inspired by his passion for supporting young people and helping them discover their potential. As a Training Manager, he finds fulfilment in assisting students in recognising their abilities and guiding them on their paths to success.

Having been a part of the Tactile Learning team for one and a half years, Tom relishes the opportunity to work with founders David and Andrew, who share his mentality of giving young people life-changing opportunities.

What Tom loves most about his job is the chance to witness the potential within each student and helping them realise it for themselves. The rewarding feeling of making a positive impact on the lives of students and staff members inspires him to get out of bed every morning, even if it means dealing with his children’s cold feet!

As for his approach to training, Tom believes in fostering a supportive and encouraging environment for students to flourish. Drawing from his own experiences as a high-school student, he understands the importance of mentorship and guidance during formative years. This understanding fuels his dedication to providing the best possible learning experience for the students at Tactile Learning.

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