Industry Coach

Yani Ibrahim is our dedicated Hospitality Industry Coach at Tactile Learning, responsible for guiding students through hospitality-related coursework and mentoring them to achieve their highest potential in work readiness.

With 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Yani brings an exceptional level of knowledge and qualifications to her role, and has a natural inclination for training and upskilling others. Understanding that eveyr student learns differently, Yani tailors her approach to training by leveraging her own experience of starting tertiary education at a young age to accommondate diverse learning styles.

She believes hospitality is all about focusing on individual experiences and finding fulfilment in the happiness of others. Her shift from working in the hospitality industry to becoming a trainer was motivated by a pursuit of more flexibility in her work-life balance, so she can fully commit herself to training students

Joining Tactile Learning in 2023, Yani has enthusiastically embraced her role and loves helping students exceed their own expectations, guiding them to set and achieve goals they may have once deemed unattainable.

Yani was drawn to work with Tactile Learning after witnessing the energy and motivation of David and Andrew, the founders of the organisation. Having observed their impactful work with students in a training space she managed, she resonated with their approach and mission and decided to become part of the team.