Leather Production In Australia

Man holding crafting tool and working. He is sewing hammer to make a walet. Tanner in old tannery.

Australia has a long history of leather production, dating back to its early days as a British colony when hides and skins from livestock were tanned and processed to meet various local needs. Over the years, the leather industry in Australia has evolved and faced its share of challenges. Leather production in Australia is still present, but it’s important to note that the industry has experienced significant changes, and it’s definitely not as prominent of an industry as it once was.

Challenges Facing the Australian Leather Industry

There have been plenty of challenges facing the Australian leather industry, including economic pressures, environmental concerns and consumer preference shifts. Competition from lower-cost overseas producers and fluctuation in global demand have drastically impacted the Australian leather industry.

How Can You Enter the Leather Production Industry In Australia?

At Tactile Learning we’re proud to offer a range of leather production VET courses and apprenticeships that allow for new people to learn the trade. Courses we offer include:

  • Certificate II in Leather Production
  • Certificate III in Leather Production
  • Certificate III in Footwear

It can be difficult to find your way into such a small industry, which is why we partner with a range of leather production companies in Australia. Our partnerships allow leather students to undertake an in-industry apprenticeship to learn the ins and outs of leather production first hand. Working in-house at a leather production company while completing your course and apprenticeship allows students to gain the hands-on training that is so necessary in an industry such as the leather industry.

We also have a sister business, Leather Training Australia (LTA). LTA also offers leather production VET courses and apprenticeships, but also provides a range of upskilling options for those currently in the industry.

If you’re interested in beginning your career pathway into the leather production industry, get in touch with the team at Tactile Learning.

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