We believe in the power of training.

Our vision is for every high school student in Queensland to have access to our practical, inspiring, and supported training, to enable them to reach their personal and career goals.

We do this by providing adaptable training solutions to high schools throughout Queensland. Our training is delivered by industry professionals who are both passionate about inspiring the next generation as well as the skills of their trade. We pride ourselves in knowing all our students by name and supporting each one to achieve their personal goals throughout their training.

Tactile Learning’s story began in early 2000 when Founding Director Gordon Kelly visited a community initiative in Los Angeles called the Dream Centre. Gordon saw firsthand the impact that training and skill development can have on the lives of people, and was inspired to establish his own RTO with the goal of breaking the unemployment cycle.

Over the past two decades, Tactile Learning has evolved into what it is today–a provider of tactile training experiences that involve hands-on learning coupled with support and mentoring. We provide these programs to schools because we have found that working with young people has the biggest impact – we fell in love with the difference that training can have at this stage of life. Some encouragement and support during their high school years can set a student’s life on a completely different trajectory. And that is a really exciting and inspiring journey to be a part of.

We are passionate about the power of training and the impact that it can make to people’s lives. Our trainers are committed to providing real skills that lead to career pathways and opportunities.

  • Committed to providing access to anybody who needs an opportunity to thrive.
  • Committed to working with all students, regardless of their barriers to learning.
  • Committed to providing pathways for students who aren’t doing well in school.
  • Committed to providing a supportive environment to help students achieve their goals.

We value people, quality, interaction, and developing real skills.

We value people. That is our main focus.

Our trainers come to your school. They’re face-to-face and they interact with your students.

Our courses are all industry relevant – our trainers are real people.

Our training isn’t just about compliance. It is grounded in developing career pathways.

On-site Training

Our trainers come to your school and interact face-to-face with students.

Committed to Growth

We are growing and constantly looking to add-to and develop our course offerings.

Developing Pathways

All of our training is intentional and designed to create career pathways.

Practical Hands-On Courses

Practical, experiential course work to develop real skills employers are looking for.​

Flexible and Adaptable

We adapt our courses to suit the needs of your school and your students.

All of Queensland

We partner with schools all throughout QLD – including rural and central locations.

Easy, Stress-Free Solution

Our courses are designed to reduce the resource and admin strain for schools.

Supportive Learning Environment

A supportive environment to build students’ confidence.

Audit Report


Continuing registration as a national VET regulator
(NVR) registered training organisation.

Tactile Audit Report 2013