Tactile Learning’s Frequently Asked Questions.



Why are you called Tactile Learning?

All of our courses and training programs are hands-on and tactile. Experiential learning can help develop skills and overcome learning barriers for students who struggle with traditional learning methods.

By naming ourselves ‘Tactile Learning’ we are keeping our hands-on approach at the center of everything we do.

Do you only deliver courses in Brisbane?

No, we work with schools all throughout Queensland.

Where are you based?

Our office is based in Brisbane, but we offer our VET programs to schools all throughout Queensland – including rural schools in central Queensland.

Our school doesn’t have the resources (automotive workshop / coffee machine etc.) - can we still participate in your courses?

Yes. Our trainers have all the tools and equipment needed to facilitate our training programs. Simply tell us what you do have access to, and we’ll bring the rest with us.

In some circumstances, we also partner with local businesses around the school to provide access to industry current resources and equipment.

I have lost my Certificate, how can I get another copy?

You can order a replacement Certificate in either a Digital format to be emailed to you or a Printed format to me mailed to you. 

Order a Digital Certificate

Oder a Printed Certificate


How do I enrol?

If you are an independent student contact the office to receive an enrolment link. 

If you are a part of a course through your school, you should receive an email with an enrolment link or you can head to the course page on our website where you will find upcoming classes. The class name will include the name of the school that the course is delivered at. 

If you are unsure, please contact the office. 

I need support enrolling, who do I contact?

If you are having trouble enrolling, please contact the office for assistance. If you are enrolling through your school, your teacher or VET Coordinator may also be able to assist you. 

What ID do I need to enrol?

Every student requires a Unique Student Identifier to enrol. 

If you are enrolling a VET in Schools program, you will not be required to provide any Identification documents as your school will verify your identity. 

If you are enrolling as an Apprentice/Trainee you will be required to provide proof of identity and residency. The best form of Identification is a scan of both sides of your QLD Licence. If you do not have a QLD Licence there will be additional options for ID during the enrolment. 

If you are applying for a concession, you will also be required to upload a copy of your Health Care Card or other concession card. 

Do I need a Unique Student Identifier (USI) to enrol?

Yes. Every student requires a USI number to participate in accredited training. You can create or find your USI by going to For students | Unique Student Identifier (usi.gov.au)

If you have exceptional circumstances you may apply for a USI exemption through Exemptions from the USI | Unique Student Identifier

If you are approved for a USI exemption, you will need to provide the official letter stating your approval for an exemption from the Office of the Student Identifiers Registrar during the enrolment process. 

Can I pay my fees on a payment plan?

If you are paying for your training yourself (Fee-for-Service), we do not accept pre-paid fees over $1,500. For this reason, the majority of our Fee-for-Service fees are paid through a payment plan which is confirmed through the enrolment process. 

How do I apply for Credit Transfer?

You will be assessed for eligibility for Credit Transfer through the enrolment process. If you know that you would like to apply for Credit Transfer from previous studies, you will have to provide Tactile Learning access to your USI transcript. You can do this by following the instructions on this link: Give access to providers | Unique Student Identifier (usi.gov.au)


How do I sign into the Learner Portal?

You can sign into the Learner Portal through the “Sign In” button on our website header or through this link: Login

What do I need to bring to my first day of training?

You will receive an email from your trainer before your first day of training outlining what you are required to bring. However, all students will need to bring a device to be able to access the Learner Portal. 

Is there work experience required for my course?

There is compulsory work experience within our Hospitality courses but for all other courses work experience is optional. 

For Apprenticeships/Traineeships paid employment is a compulsory requirement. 

Student Support

I have a disability and/or learning barriers, can I still participate in your courses?

Our training is available to ALL students. However, it is important to notify us of any disability and/or learning barrier in the enrolment process to enable us to make sure we can provide the additional support required.

If you have substantial needs, please contact our office to discuss your specific circumstances.

How do I request additional support?

Your first point of call for requesting additional support is to contact your trainer. This is for the reason that your trainer knows your class-specific requirements and your personal circumstances and can best provide support or refer you to someone who can. 

If you are part of a school course, you should also discuss your support needs with your teacher as we work closely with the school to provide additional support.

If you are unable to discuss this with either your trainer or teacher, please contact our office for assistance. 

I am having trouble with the Learner Portal, who can help me?

In the bottom right-hand corner of your Learner Portal, you will see a question mark (?) symbol. If you click on this you will be able to submit a help request to our support team. We will respond promptly to your request with assistance. 

I think I need to withdraw from my course, what do I need to do?

As a first point of call it is best for you to discuss your circumstances with your trainer and your school teacher. We are often able to accommodate making adjustments to help you complete your course. If you are not able to complete and will withdraw from the course your trainer will notify our enrolment team.

If you are unable to discuss this with your teacher or trainer please contact the office to discuss your situation.

Parent / Guardian

I have been requested to sign a permission form for my children to participate in your course, what should i do?

You can sign the permission form here. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Apprentices / Trainees

How long will it take me to complete my apprenticeship/traineeship?

Apprenticeships and Traineeships all have different durations. To find the duration of a specific apprenticeship/traineeship go to Queensland Training Information Service (QTIS): Department of Employment, Small Business and Training

For further assistance, you can contact our office. 

How can I sign up for an apprenticeship/traineeship?

If you are currently in one of our courses notify your trainer that you want an apprenticeship/traineeship and they can assist. 

Alternatively, You can directly express your interest in joining our apprenticeship or traineeship program by clicking on this link. Fill out the form with your details, and our team will get in touch with you regarding the next steps in the application process.

For further information about getting an Apprentice and Traineeship go to Find an apprenticeship or traineeship | Education and training | Queensland Government (www.qld.gov.au)

I am an employer wanting an apprentice/trainee, can Tactile help me find one?

Yes! We work with hundreds of high school students throughout QLD every year and many of them are interested in gaining an apprenticeship or traineeship. Please send an email to admin@tactilelearning.com.au or call our office for assistance.

I am having trouble with my employer or apprenticeship, who can I contact for assistance?

You can contact your trainer or your Apprenticeship Support Network contact. You can also contact our office and we will assist you. 

For further support go to Apprenticeships Info – support for apprentices, trainees and employers | Education and training | Queensland Government (www.qld.gov.au)

I am a school-based apprentice/trainee, what happens when I complete my schooling?

When you finish school, your school-based apprenticeship will automatically be converted into a full-time apprenticeship. You will continue working with your existing employer, training with Tactile Learning, and completing your apprenticeship qualification.