Industry Coach

Clive Ibones is our Industry Coach at Tactile Learning, devoted to teaching students the practical side of motor vehicle workings and the automotive industry. His role is to create informative and enjoyable learning experiences for both students and instructors.

With experience at Brother’s Garage and Redline Runing, and a background of being surrounded by friends and individuals engaged in car-related activities, Clive brings a wealth of industry knowledge and hands-on expertise to his role.

Clive’s love for the automotive industry was sparked at a young age, inspired by watching the original Gone in 60 Seconds movie with his father. Growing up surrounded by posters, toys, movies, and video games centred around cars, he knew from an early age that working on cars was his dream and passion.

Since joining the Tactile Learning team in late 2020, Clive’s favourite aspect of his job is inspiring the next generation of budding car enthusiasts and gearheads. He finds joy in sharing his passion and knowledge with students, fueling their own love for the automotive industry.

What drew Clive to work with Tactile was the organisation’s focus on the student’s journey and development. Rather than simply delivering courses for the sake of it, Tactile Learning places emphasis on the students’ growth and transformation.