David Kelly is the passionate CEO of Tactile Learning, responsible for developing and implementing the organisation’s strategy, vision, and mission.

As the driving force behind Tactile Learning, David’s role involves building a motivated and skilled team and ensuring the organisation’s continuous growth and adaptation to the future.

With experience as a Youth Worker, Shoemaker, Trainer, and Assessor, David brings a diverse background and a deep commitment to helping people achieve their potential through training.

David’s journey into the industry was sparked by a desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. The opportunity to break the cycle of unemployment and provide new opportunities to students drew him to work with Tactile Learning.

Having been a part of the Tactile Learning team for 14 years, David loves the adventure that comes with leading the organisation. Meeting new people and visiting different places are aspects of his role that he enjoys immensely.

David’s approach to training is deeply personal, influenced by his own learning experiences as a high-school student. After initially not performing well in school, he discovered a passion for learning while working in the ‘real world’ and developing his skills through an apprenticeship. Combining his passion for helping people with the power of training, David found his mission in becoming a Youth Worker and Trainer and Assessor.

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