Leather & Automotive

Gordon C Kelly is a passionate youth worker, automotive, and shoemaker trainer at Tactile Learning. As the founder of the company, Gordon plays a key role in introducing kids to the world of tactile and kinaesthetic-based training.

Gordon’s aim is to build their confidence and facilitate further training by addressing personal growth while engaging in activities like shoemaking, leather production, building go-karts, restoring Kubota tractors, and vintage cars

Gordon’s motivation to join the industry and work with Tactile Learning stems from his personal experience as a tactile learner. He was enrolled in special learning classes throughout high school and understands the challenges faced by students who do not thrive in the mainstream education system. The opportunity to purchase the RTO and bring tactile kinaesthetic-based training to kids who need it resonated deeply with him.

Having been a part of the Tactile Learning team since 2002, Gordon finds fulfilment in the moments when students express increased belief in their capabilities. His role allows him to bring healing to his community using his unique experience and skill set.

What inspires Gordon to get out of bed in the morning is his passion for creating things with his hands and building strong relationships with his students. His approach to training is rooted in his own learning experiences as a high school student, where he faced challenges but later discovered his skills were in high demand and led to a successful career as a shoemaker and repairer.

Gordon’s journey serves as a real-life example for his students, showing them that they too can achieve great things despite any initial obstacles.