Joana Kelly is the Office Manager at Tactile Learning, responsible for various crucial roles within the organisation.

With a Diploma in Payroll Services and six years of experience in administration, finance, and payroll, Joana’s attention to detail and proficiency with numbers make her a natural fit for her role.

As the Office Manager, Joana’s responsibilities encompass financial administration, enrolments (including Student Management systems), compliance and reporting, HR support, and general administration. Her knack for handling these tasks with precision and efficiency makes her an essential member of the team.

Joana joined the Tactile Learning team in July 2012, drawn to the family business and the opportunity to contribute her skills to an organisation with a meaningful mission.

What she loves most about her job is the camaraderie within the team. Working with friendly and supportive colleagues who share laughter and enjoy team days creates a positive and enjoyable work environment.