John Mercer is a passionate Hospitality Trainer at Tactile Learning, dedicated to shaping the future of high school-aged students by providing training and guidance to obtain their Cert II or Cert III in hospitality.

With a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry spanning over 20 years, John’s diverse background includes roles such as Bar Manager, Restaurant Manager, Line Cook, and Fine Dining Large Events, making him a well-rounded and knowledgeable mentor for his students.

John’s journey in the hospitality industry was ignited by his love for the camaraderie and the exhilarating rush of working in a busy team environment. The sense of unity and shared purpose in a bustling service captivated him early on, driving his passion to pursue a career in hospitality.

Having joined the Tactile Learning team in 2021, John was overwhelmed by the rewarding experience of connecting with his students. Witnessing the positive impact he could make in their lives through teaching and mentorship was a powerful and fulfilling experience. Working with young people in such a unique capacity has been a source of gratitude and inspiration for John.

Reflecting on his own learning experiences as a high school student, John recognises the privilege of having had a supportive family unit. However, he is acutely aware that not everyone has the same advantage, and some young people may struggle without adequate support. As a trainer, he feels grateful to have the opportunity to work with and provide confidence-boosting guidance to those who need it most.