Kennard Ruslim is the Curriculum Writer and IT Support at Tactile Learning.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Theology, Kennard brings a unique blend of business acumen and theological knowledge, which enables him to approach problem-solving and decision-making with a holistic perspective.

As the technology guru, he ensures smooth learning session delivery, creates interactive and immersive learning experiences for learners, and optimises the training system and platform to provide a seamless and engaging learning journey.

Kennard’s diverse experience includes working at Apple, where he contributed to various projects and teams, gaining invaluable insights into user-centric approaches, customer service, sales, and technology. Leveraging his interdisciplinary background, he consistently delivers exceptional results.

Kennard was drawn to work in the education industry by the inspiring team he collaborates with at Tactile Learning and the organisation’s impactful mission. Providing inclusive training for everyone and opening up opportunities for meaningful employment resonates deeply with him and serves as a driving force for his dedication.

Having been a part of the Tactile Learning team for one year (including an internship), Kennard finds joy in problem-solving, implementing positive change, and supporting trainers in their training activities.