Will VET Courses Ever Be Delivered Entirely Online?

Students working in front of laptop

In recent years we have seen a big movement towards online learning as restrictions were put in place for COVID-19 – but is online learning the best option for Vocational Education? This is a bit of a highly debated topic, but here at Tactile Learning, we’re firm believers that Vocational Education should be as hands-on as possible. Our courses prepare students to enter their chosen industry, and learning the ins and outs of an industry is pretty difficult to do when you’re behind a computer screen.

We currently have courses in the hospitality, automotive, and leather production industries. All three of these are predominantly practical industries and require a lot of hands-on teaching and training – learning to make and pour coffees, changing car parts, and learning how to perfectly craft the intricate details on leather goods are just some of the aspects that are best taught face-to-face.

We’ve seen great success in focusing on providing practical, hands-on training rather than focusing on the theory. This method prepares our students for real work in the industry they’re learning about.

While there will always be some theory to cover, and perhaps there are benefits to teaching theory online, such as accessibility and flexibility, we think the vocational education sector works best for students if it remains as much of a hands-on learning experience as possible.

Why Choose Tactile Learning?

Tactile Learning was founded to give opportunity to those who needed it most. Our vision is for every high school student in QLD to have access to our practical, inspiring, and supported training, to enable them to reach their personal and professional goals. Want to find out more? View our courses here.