Pathways Available in Your Senior Year

four automotive students picking up tools

Stepping into your final year of high school can be both exciting and a little bit daunting. There are plenty of different study options and pathways available to you, and you might not know which is going to be the best for you. Keep reading to find out a bit more about the most common study pathways available to you.

1. Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR): For students aspiring to pursue higher education at a university, the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is a critical factor. Senior year involves completing subjects aligned with your desired university course and preparing for the end-of-year exams that determine your ATAR score.

2. Vocational Education and Training (VET): Many employers recognise the importance of practical skills, and vocational education and training (VET) programs provide hands-on experience in various industries. Consider enrolling in a VET course to gain industry-specific skills, making you job-ready upon graduation.

3. School-Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships: Dive into the workforce while completing your high school studies through school-based apprenticeships and traineeships. This option allows you to gain practical experience, earn a wage, and work towards a nationally recognised qualification.

4. Early Start University Programs: Many universities offer head start programs where high school students can trial potential study areas by enrolling in one or two university units whilst in their senior years. This allows students to experience the university lifestyle and get a better understanding of the difference between high school and university, while being able to try out a study area to decide if it’s right for them.

As you step into your senior year, take the time to explore these study options. Consider your passions, career goals, and preferred learning style when making decisions. Whether you’re aiming for a university degree, practical skills, or a blend of both, your senior year offers a range of paths to success. Embrace the opportunities that align with your aspirations, making your final year a stepping stone to a bright and fulfilling future.

If you’d like to explore the pathways of vocational education and/or school-based apprenticeships and traineeships, the team at Tactile can help. Get in touch with us with any questions or queries you have.