Should I do VET course while I am at school or after I graduate?

Automotive Students working in front of single cylinder on a car workshop with his trainer

As you reach the final few years of high school you may be feeling a bit of pressure to make some decisions about your future and career plans. As much as it might feel like it right now, you don’t actually have to have your whole professional career planned out before you graduate year 12. However, completing a VET course while you’re still at school can help you begin to figure out what you might like to do for work down the line.

By undertaking a VET course while still in school, it allows you to explore an industry you might have some interest in and gain some experience before committing to a job or career that you may not enjoy. You can definitely wait until you’ve graduated high school before starting a VET course, but it’s always good to get a head start on these things. High school is a fantastic time to expose yourself to different industries and potential career paths so you can give yourself a better idea of what you might actually want to do once you’ve graduated.

Some VET courses may also contribute to your ATAR – if you find yourself struggling in your school subjects, a hands-on VET course might be a good way to help improve your ATAR.

If you’re still unsure about whether to do a VET course while still in school, you don’t have to commit to a full Certificate. There are plenty of short term options that are just as useful, like our Barista Short Course.

Have a chat to your schools vocational education teacher to see what they think might be your best option. Or, if you have a specific course in mind, take a look at what Tactile Learning offers here.