Adjusting back to school after the summer holidays

A hospitality trainer and a student standing in front of various coffee orders made by the student.

Getting back into a school-oriented mindset can be a bit difficult after having a couple of months off over Christmas and the new year. We thought we’d put together a few tips that might help you adapt back to school after the holidays.

Prepare Beforehand

If you can, get prepared before the term actually starts. Get all the books, stationery and equipment you need and take a look through your schedule if you have it already. It can also help to try and regulate your sleep schedule if it’s changed over the break so it doesn’t feel so jarring on your first early morning back.

Set Goals

Setting small, achievable goals can help you find your footing back at school. These can be things as simple as asking a question in a class, finishing a chapter of a book by a certain time or getting your homework done on time.

Find Your Routine

A change in routine is always difficult to adjust to. Take the time to find what works best for you – your homework, social life, downtime and job or other extra commitments if you have them can take up a lot more time than you think – try and set aside time for things like homework at different times to see what works best.

Training at Tactile

The way you learn with us at Tactile is a little bit different to your normal classroom setting. If you need any help adjusting to your training with Tactile Learning, don’t hesitate to reach out to your trainer to have a chat about your schedule and workload.