I want to stop school at Grade 10, is that bad?

a Trainer working with his student in front of his laptop

It might surprise you to hear, but it’s actually not a bad thing to stop school at grade 10. The way that high school is structured and the options for teaching just aren’t right for some people – and that’s okay! There are plenty of other pathways you can take outside of high school to prepare you for any career you’d like.

It’s for reasons like this that Tactile Learning is here! We offer vocational education courses to students who may feel that high school isn’t right for them. We keep our courses as hands-on as possible, allowing students to get real world experience before entering the workforce.

Other vocational education pathways include TAFE courses and apprenticeships. Workshops or short courses are also an excellent opportunity to allow yourself to explore different industries if you’re not sure where you want your career to take you yet.

If you’re thinking about stopping school, it’s best to talk to your school’s guidance counsellor or similar. They’ll be able to give you some more personalised advice specific to your situation.

Why Choose Tactile Learning?

Tactile Learning was founded to give opportunity to those who needed it most. Our vision is for every high school student in QLD to have access to our practical, inspiring, and supported training, to enable them to reach their personal and professional goals. Want to find out more? View our courses here.