Why is VET Valuable to my Students?

Vocational education and training (VET) courses offer a wide range of benefits to school students looking to enter the workforce. Enrolling in a VET course can not only assist in the development of professional skills, but it can also provide students with the hands-on skills that are so widely expected nowadays in the entry-level workforce.

VET courses provide a way to allow students to develop essential skills necessary for career advancement. Research conducted by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) showed that 34% of employers view VET qualifications as essential in their field. By providing your students with the opportunity to complete a VET course, you are giving them the upper hand in the job market by preparing them with the relevant and necessary expertise that is needed.

Not only does VET have so many benefits in terms of career advancement, it also offers a number of learning-related and personal advantages. For example, a VET course offers a unique learning environment preferred by many. The size of a class in a VET course is generally no more than 15, meaning each student gets a more personalised experience allowing for the best possible outcome. Many students who have completed a VET course have said that it greatly helped with their personal growth and development as they meet many new people they otherwise wouldn’t have.

It’s clear that VET courses can assist your students’ personal and professional growth in more ways than one, and the importance of VET at the start of a student’s career path cannot be understated. For more information on the courses we offer here at Tactile Learning, click here.


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