Why Should I Do a VET Course?

Vocational Education and Training Courses, or VET Courses, are changing the way young Australians learn. VET Courses offer students a unique way of learning practical skills for working environments and offer a number of benefits.

Hands-on learning

In comparison to other higher education courses, VET courses are generally much more hands-on. University degrees and the like often have more of a focus on theory, whereas VET courses have a clear focus on occupational skills.

Up-to-date industry norms

In the current day and age, industry norms change all the time. VET courses allow you to keep up to date with any of the latest trends in the industry. This kind of knowledge that VET programs can offer is found to be highly valuable by prospective employers.

Work-life balance

VET programs can give you much more flexibility in terms of study options, allowing you to juggle study, work, and your personal life a bit easier. Depending on the course, they can be completed at a full or part-time workload to best suit you.

Pathway into higher education

VET courses can provide students a direct path into other higher education courses, apprenticeships, or employment and allow students to gain further relevant qualifications very easily. If you didn’t meet the entry requirements for a course you were interested in, a relevant VET course can be your stepping stone there.

For more information on VET programs, view the Queensland Governments’ information page. To see what courses we offer here at Tactile Learning, take a look at our Courses Page.


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